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Which first aid course is right for me?

First Aid

Which first aid course is right for me?

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Blended First Aid at Work Level 3

A First Aid at Work course is ideal for medium to higher risk workplaces, businesses that require a fully trained first aider, and for those who have a specific responsibility to provide first aid in voluntary and community activities.

This course covers a range of topics from minor injuries and illness to serious life-threatening health conditions, where appropriate first aid is required. It also explains the roles and responsibilities of a first aider and how to safely assess a scene, and record the accident or incident.

First Aid Blended Requalification

The First Aid Requalification course is designed to update first aid skills for those who need to renew their expiring first aid at work certificate every three years. The course will renew their knowledge of essential first aid techniques, including CPR and AED usage, choking, stroke and catastrophic bleeding. This is so they can continue to respond to situations with the correct knowledge over a wide range of situations that may arise in the workplace.

This course should only be taken by first aiders who have previously undertaken a 3-day First Aid at Work course and need to renew their certification to continue acting as a first aider in the workplace.

Throughout this course, you will learn many crucial skills needed to fill the role of a first aider in a medium to higher-risk workplace environment; These are all covered over a 3-day period. The certificate awarded at the end of the course is valid for three years before a requalification course is required.

Emergency First Aid at Work

An Emergency First Aid at Work course is suitable for people over the age of 16. It is recommended for a first aider who is required to assess an incident and respond to it accordingly in the workplace and in a real emergency quickly and effectively. This course is usually appropriate for low-risk workplaces and for those wanting to learn essential life-saving skills.

In this course, you will learn how to assess an incident before administering correct first aid treatment, the role, and responsibilities of a first aider, and how to provide first aid in a wide range of situations and incidents.

Basic First Aid Level 2

A basic first aid level 2 course is also designed for low-risk category workplaces. This will improve occupational health and safety, facilitate the duty of care, reduce risks in the workplace and provide individuals with the ability to respond to any emergency with confidence and skill.

Throughout the course, you will learn a wide range of some of the most important first aid skills, including the recovery position, CPR, choking, bleeding, and more.

Emergency First Aid at Work for Driver CPC Level 3

This course is ideal to learn what is required for a first aider to quickly assess a situation in the workplace and deal with it effectively. It will also provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to use in an emergency.

This qualification is specifically aimed at professional drivers and as a result of completing the course, you will essentially get a double qualification- one for CPC and one for first aid too!

Blended Paediatric First Aid

A blended paediatric first aid course is primarily for professional childcarers including nannies, au pairs, pre-school, nursery and reception year teachers and childminders caring for children.

In this course, you will learn to provide first aid for an infant and child in a range of situations, the role, and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider and how to assess an emergency safely.

Emergency Paediatric 6 Hour Child / Infant First Aid Level 3

An emergency paediatric course is recommended for those who work with children and have first aid responsibilities. This course provides the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to respond to a range of emergency paediatric first aid situations which may occur when caring for children.

This course is an entry-level paediatric first aid course and forms unit 1 of the full Paediatric First Aid qualification. On completing this course, you can then complete the unit 2 course and receive the full Paediatric First Aid Award through Flagship Partners.