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At Flagship, we embrace a foundational philosophy that prioritises proactive measures over reactive solutions. Our dedication to foresight equips us to anticipate potential challenges, enabling us to safeguard the futures of our clients. Through the Allied membership program, we extend this commitment to leaders in the transport industry, offering a suite of support services and tools designed to navigate compliance complexities effortlessly. Allied is more than a membership; it’s a partnership aimed at empowering transport managers and their teams with knowledge, skills, and resources to excel in their duties, ensuring compliance, safety, and operational excellence.


Membership Benefits

Allied Advice Software

This AI assistant stands out by offering not just rapid and accurate compliance answers but by ensuring these responses are accountable and cite reputable sources. It’s designed to be more reliable and insightful than general AI platforms like ChatGPT, tailoring its guidance specifically for transport compliance.

CPD Training for Transport Managers

The program allocates 12 hours of continuing professional development training, specifically curated to enhance the managerial and operational capabilities of transport managers. This training is vital for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Driver Toolbox Talks

Six specially designed sessions are provided to engage drivers on essential safety, compliance, and operational topics. These talks are crucial for fostering a culture of safety and compliance within the team.

Quarterly Transport Briefings

Members receive updates on the latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices. These briefings are essential for strategic planning and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations.

Audits for Operator Licence and Health & Safety

The program includes comprehensive audits, ensuring that members’ operations meet the stringent standards required for Operator Licences and Health & Safety regulations. These audits are pivotal in identifying potential areas of risk and ensuring compliance.

Exclusive Discounts

Members benefit from a 20% discount on additional Flagship training and consulting services. This discount enables members to access further expertise and support at a reduced cost, enhancing their operational efficiency and compliance posture.

Program Details

The Allied membership program is structured to cater to businesses of different sizes, offering Gold and Platinum levels that determine the range and depth of services available. Pricing is based on the size of the company (SME, Medium, Large) and the chosen membership level, ensuring a tailored approach to meet specific needs. Higher levels grant access to more services, users, and conversations, enhancing accountability and support. The program’s design reflects a commitment to providing scalable solutions for transport industry leaders, focusing on compliance, operational excellence, and continuous improvement.

Joining the Program

To initiate the process of joining the Allied membership program, prospective members are invited to reach out to Flagship via the provided contact channels.

This initial contact will trigger a detailed consultation to explore the specific needs and objectives of the business. Flagship’s team will then recommend the most suitable membership level, ensuring alignment with the company’s size and requirements. Upon selection, a guided onboarding procedure is followed, which includes setting up the Allied Advice Software, scheduling the initial CPD training, and planning for the first audit. This process is designed to integrate seamlessly into the company’s operations, with Flagship offering ongoing support to maximise the membership benefits.

Empower Your Transport Business: Join Allied Today

Take the first step towards unparalleled compliance support and operational excellence in the transport industry with Flagship’s Allied membership program. Reach out to our expert team today for a personalised consultation and discover how our proactive, tailored solutions can empower your business. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have already elevated their operations with Allied. Contact us now to begin your journey to success.

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