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In an era where efficiency and compliance are paramount, Flagship introduces a comprehensive fleet software solution. This dynamic platform is comprised of several integral modules, including performance monitoring, daily vehicle checks, fleet maintenance, and license checking, each tailored to address specific aspects of fleet management. Our software is more than just a tool; it’s a partner in safeguarding your fleet’s future.

By choosing Flagship, you’re not only adopting a digital solution; you’re embracing a philosophy of forward-thinking and empowerment. Our software is designed to make fleet management a smoother, more integrated process, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business. Let us show you how Flagship can be the cornerstone of your fleet management strategy.


1: Performance Monitoring Module


This module is dedicated to tachograph analysis, a crucial aspect of monitoring driver hours to ensure compliance with legal requirements.


It offers a detailed and accurate overview of driver activities, helping to prevent violations and maintain high safety standards.


Priced affordably at 25p per driver per day, it’s a small investment for significant peace of mind and legal compliance.

Complementary Inclusion for DVSA Earned Recognition:

As part of this module, Flagship also includes a complementary feature for the DVSA Earned Recognition program. This feature specifically monitors compliance against the Tachograph KPIs of Earned Recognition, ensuring that fleets not only meet but exceed regulatory standards.

2: Daily Vehicle Checks Module


Aimed at maintaining vehicle integrity, this module enables drivers to conduct comprehensive digital checks of their vehicles.


Includes location stamping and photographic evidence, providing a clear, time-stamped record of vehicle condition.


At just £1 per driver per week, this module not only ensures safety but also offers a cost-effective way to maintain vehicle health.

Complementary Inclusion for DVSA Earned Recognition:

This module also includes a feature for the DVSA Earned Recognition program, focusing on monitoring compliance against the maintenance KPIs of Earned Recognition. This addition aids in not just meeting but surpassing the regulatory standards for vehicle maintenance and safety.

3: Fleet Maintenance Module


This module simplifies the management of vehicle maintenance records and documentation.


It provides digital tracking and storage of all maintenance activities, allowing for efficient scheduling and historical record keeping.


Enhances the ability to manage fleets remotely, ensuring all vehicles are up-to-date with their maintenance needs, thus reducing downtime.

Complementary Inclusion for DVSA Earned Recognition:

In addition to the core features, this module includes a complementary component for the DVSA Earned Recognition program. It specifically monitors compliance against the maintenance KPIs of Earned Recognition, ensuring that fleets not only meet but excel in maintenance standards as set by regulatory bodies.

4: License Checking Module


Designed to reduce the administrative burden, this module automatically checks driver licenses and keeps track of renewal dates.


It alerts fleet managers of any upcoming renewals or issues, ensuring that all drivers are legally compliant and licensed.


Streamlines the process of license management, saving time and resources that can be better used elsewhere.


£4.75 per check

Workshop Module

1. Purpose

Specifically designed for businesses with in-house maintenance facilities, the Workshop Module allows for the complete digital management of inspection records on the system.

2. Features

  • Paperless Operation: This module eliminates the need for physical records, fully embracing a digital approach for maintaining inspection data.
  • Customisation: The system can be fully customised to align with the specific needs of your workshop, ensuring that it caters to your unique operational requirements.

3. Benefits

  • Integration with Other Modules: The Workshop Module is fully integrated with other modules in the Flagship system, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined experience. This integration allows for seamless data flow and management across different aspects of fleet maintenance.
  • Cost: Priced at £1 per vehicle per week, it offers an affordable solution for digitalising and managing in-house maintenance and inspection records efficiently.

Each of these modules, while powerful on its own, is designed to integrate seamlessly, creating a cohesive and comprehensive fleet management system. This integration not only simplifies the management process but also provides a more holistic view of your fleet’s operations. With Flagship, you have the technology to stay ahead, ensuring that your fleet operates smoothly, safely, and in full compliance with all regulations.

Overview of Flagship Fleet Software Solution

Flagship Fleet Software represents the pinnacle of digital fleet management solutions crafted to meet the diverse and evolving needs of modern fleet operations. Our platform encapsulates a proactive approach, where anticipating and solving challenges is paramount. This software is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive system designed to revolutionise the way you manage your fleet.

Core Attributes of the Flagship Software:

1. Multi-Module Platform

Flagship’s software is a synergy of multiple modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of fleet management. From performance monitoring and daily vehicle checks to fleet maintenance and license checking, each module plays a vital role in streamlining operations.

2. Proactive Approach

The standard ensures your meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements. This limits the possibility of legal ramifications due to safety incidents.

3. Digital Integration

The integration of various modules into a single platform is a testament to the software’s sophistication. This allows for seamless data flow and communication between different aspects of fleet management, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

4. Customisable Solutions

Understanding that each fleet has unique needs, Flagship software offers customizability. This flexibility ensures that irrespective of the size or nature of your fleet, the software can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

5. Remote Management Capabilities

With the digital nature of the software, remote management of fleets has become a reality. Whether it’s tracking maintenance schedules or monitoring driver performance, the software provides real-time insights accessible from anywhere.

Emphasising Ease
& Efficiency

Flagship Fleet Software is not only about managing vehicles and drivers; it’s about transforming the entire workflow of fleet management. Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface ensure that the transition to digital management is smooth and hassle-free. The aim is to provide an all-in-one solution that not only addresses current fleet management challenges but also equips you for future advancements in the sector.

In summary, Flagship Fleet Software stands as a beacon of innovation in fleet management, encapsulating a proactive, integrated, and customisable approach to meet the dynamic demands of the industry. It’s a solution that not only manages but enhances the operational capabilities of your fleet.

Efficient Fleet Management with Flagship: A Comprehensive Digital Approach

As we look to the future, Flagship remains dedicated to evolving alongside the needs of our clients, continuously enhancing our software to meet the demands of tomorrow’s fleet management challenges. We invite you to experience the difference that Flagship can make in streamlining your fleet operations, safeguarding your compliance, and empowering your business with the tools for success.

Embrace the future of fleet management with Flagship – where innovation meets practicality, and challenges transform into opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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