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Addressing Concerns Before They Escalate

At Flagship, our foundational philosophy is proactive rather than reactive; we aim to intercept issues before they evolve into substantial problems. Our aim for foresight enables us to safeguard our clients’ futures, equipping them with the requisite skills and knowledge to navigate any hurdles they may encounter during their duties.

Founders Message

“In 2018 I started this business after working in the Transport industry, I recognised the impact we could have on businesses like yours, providing an outstanding mix of expert consultancy and training that had a genuine impact on those we serve.

At Flagship Partners we strive to be your number one business partner for consultancy and training. Our vision is to enable you to become an outstanding business, excel in what you do and become safer, greener and greater with our support and expertise. Rest assured, at Flagship, you can trust that you will receive timely and accurate advice to guide you in the right direction.”

Pete Rushmer
Managing Director

The Team

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Flagship’s Focus

The Flagship’s focus is all about nurturing an environment where each employee thrives, contributing dynamically to the company’s success. In such a setting, challenges become opportunities for growth, and every team member plays a pivotal role in driving the company towards its ambitious goals. This approach transforms workplaces into hubs of innovation and exceptional service, setting a new standard in the industry.

At the core of Flagship’s mission is the commitment to shaping a future that is not only successful but also sustainable and secure. This is achieved by focusing on making clients safer, greener, and greater in every aspect. Safety is paramount, ensuring that every strategy and solution not only protects the clients’ present interests but also fortifies their future.

A Commitment to The Future

Our ethos isn’t merely to provide outstanding services today but to fortify your tomorrow. Every course we offer and every training session we conduct is meticulously designed to empower you with the practical knowledge and skills you’ll need for long-term success. Whether it’s first aid or mental health awareness, Banksman training or transport compliance, we’re not just ticking boxes; we’re building your capacity for a more secure future.

A Wealth of Industry Experience

Our team boasts decades of accumulated experience, specifically in the transport industry—a sector replete with its unique set of challenges and complexities. Our extensive background equips us with a nuanced understanding of your compliance concerns, no matter how intricate or convoluted they may be. In all likelihood, we’ve not only encountered similar challenges before but have also devised pragmatic, practical solutions to surmount them.

Direct, Responsive Customer Service

We take immense pride in our customer service ethos, which is anchored in responsiveness and direct communication. When you engage with Flagship, you’re not being shuttled from one representative to another in a frustrating loop of deferral. Instead, you will always liaise directly with our in-house experts—seasoned professionals who are adept at providing immediate, precise, and effective solutions to your queries and challenges.

So why settle for reactive solutions when you can preempt issues before they escalate? Trust Flagship for training and services that meet your immediate needs and fortify your future.