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Mental Health
at the Workplace

At Flagship, our foundational philosophy isn’t just to react to problems as they occur but to intercept them before they escalate into substantial issues. This forward-thinking approach allows us to protect our clients’ futures, equipping you and your employees with the essential skills and knowledge to overcome any challenges that may come your way during your professional journey.

Understanding and promoting mental health within your organisation isn’t merely a charitable act; it’s an investment in your company’s long-term success. A mentally healthy workforce is more likely to be productive, motivated, and committed to their roles, thereby improving staff retention and reducing absenteeism.

This service is designed to suit businesses of various sizes, focusing on educating and empowering employers and employees to create a more mentally resilient workplace. Our multi-level training modules offer the tools to identify, understand, and act upon mental health issues—ultimately fostering a work environment that thrives on positivity and well-being.


Who Is This For?

Our Mental Health at the Workplace training is designed to cater to various businesses and organisational structures. Whether you’re a start-up finding your feet, a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), or even a large corporation, the mental well-being of your staff is a pivotal component of your business success.

We highly recommend our training for any business with a workforce of 4-5 employees or more. While there’s no upper limit on the number of participants, our experience has shown that smaller groups tend to engage more fully and benefit more significantly from our tailored programmes. In a smaller setting, there’s more room for individual attention, interactive discussions, and real-time feedback, ensuring that the training has a lasting impact on each participant.

So, whether you’re an employer looking to implement a comprehensive mental health strategy, an HR manager keen to expand your resources, or even an employee aiming to develop a more supportive workplace culture, our courses offer valuable insights and practical tools to help you achieve these goals.

Course Levels

Understanding the diverse needs of different organisations, Flagship offers a tiered approach to Mental Health at the Workplace training. Each level is meticulously designed to cover various aspects of mental health, providing participants with the right balance of theory and practical application. Below, we outline each level so you can choose the one that appropriately fits your organisation’s needs.

Level 1: Basic Awareness

Level one is aimed primarily at creating a foundational understanding of mental health; this half-day course covers the basics of mental health awareness and helps participants recognise common mental health conditions. The course benefits general staff members who wish to gain a rudimentary understanding of mental health in the workplace.

Half Day

Topics Covered:
• Basic mental health awareness
• Recognising mental health conditions

Certification is valid for three years

£95 per person, excluding VAT.

Level 2: Understanding & Supporting

Level Two builds upon the foundations laid in Level 1; this one-day course delves deeper into the intricacies of mental health. Participants learn not just to recognise but also to support employees who may be experiencing mental health issues.

1 Day

Topics Covered:
• Understanding mental health
• Recognising mental health conditions
• supporting employees

£145 per person, excluding VAT.

Level 3: Management Focus

Level Three is explicitly tailored for managerial staff, and this comprehensive two-day course equips you with the skills to develop and implement action plans and resources to promote a mentally healthy work environment. From addressing immediate concerns to creating long-term strategies, this course offers a 360-degree approach to managing mental health at work.

2 Day

Topics Covered:
• Developing action plans
• Implementing resources
• management strategies for mental health

£275 per person, excluding VAT.

Each course level provides a thorough grounding in its respective topics, all facilitated by our experienced trainers, including our business owner—an NLP practitioner with a rich background in mental health. Whatever your role or your organisation’s specific needs, Flagship’s multi-level courses offer a flexible, scalable solution to improving mental health in your workplace.

Course Topics

Flagship’s Mental Health at the Workplace training programmes are rich in content and diverse in their educational offerings. While each level focuses on specific aspects and depths of understanding, core themes run across all our courses. These topics are chosen for their universal relevance and applicability, making them essential learning for anyone interested in fostering a mentally healthy work environment.

Recognising Mental Health Conditions

A cornerstone of all our courses is learning to recognise the signs and symptoms of various mental health conditions. This fundamental knowledge is crucial in taking the first step towards offering the correct support or directing someone towards professional help.

Understanding How to Support Employees

Understanding the needs of employees with mental health concerns goes beyond simple recognition. Our courses delve into practical ways to offer support, be it through immediate action, long-term strategies, or creating a supportive workplace culture.

Implementing Plans to Promote a Healthy Workplace

Creating a lasting impact requires more than short-term interventions; it requires a roadmap for a healthier work environment. Our Level 3 course, in particular, offers in-depth instruction on developing and implementing such action plans.

Managerial Skills for Mental Health

Our highest-level course focuses on equipping managerial staff with the skills needed to become leaders in workplace mental health; this includes strategy development and the skills required to motivate and engage staff for a cohesive approach to mental well-being.

Mental Health Immediate Care

An optional topic that can be included in the training is the principles of mental well-being emergency care, providing immediate and effective guidance for those experiencing a mental health crisis.

By covering these topics across our various course levels, Flagship aims to create a holistic learning experience that benefits the individual participants and contributes positively to the entire organisation’s mental health landscape.

Take the Next Step for a Mentally Healthier Workplace

Your organisation’s mental well-being is not just an HR box to tick; it’s vital to your company’s overall health and long-term success. Don’t wait for minor concerns to escalate into significant issues that impact productivity, staff morale, and retention.

With Flagship’s Mental Health at the Workplace training—available on multiple levels and as Private Courses tailored to your needs—you’re making a proactive investment in your organisation’s future and its most valuable asset: your people.

Are you new to the concept of workplace mental health?

Begin with our Level 1 course to establish a solid foundational understanding among your team.

Looking to provide ongoing support for your staff?

Level 2 offers a deeper dive into understanding and supporting employees with mental health concerns.

In a managerial role and want to instigate real change?

Our Level 3 course, often delivered as a Private Course, equips you with the tools to develop and implement a comprehensive mental health strategy.

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