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In a world that is often reactive, we take a proactive stance, equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate future challenges. We believe in intercepting issues before they escalate into substantial problems, thus safeguarding your future and ensuring smooth operations.

One way we uphold this philosophy is through our educational programmes. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course. Tailored for professionals like directors, managers, and planners who work closely with operator licences but are not transport managers themselves, this course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of operator licence requirements and regulations. Whether you’re a health and safety manager, an HR manager, or anyone who interacts with the transport function in a larger organisation, this course is for you.


Who Should Attend?

Understanding the intricacies of operator licensing can be complex, but it’s vital for those involved in the logistical and operational aspects of a business. While our traditional 2-day Transport Manager CPC refresher course is aimed at transport managers, our OLAT course is designed to fill a unique gap in the market. But who strictly should attend this specialised course?

Not Just for Transport Managers

The unique selling point of the OLAT course is its focus on those who are not direct transport managers but still interact with or are impacted by operator licensing. The aim is to raise awareness of the operator licensing regime and its obligations, thereby offering another layer of security and compliance for your organisation.

Whether you are directly or indirectly involved in the transport function of your organisation, the OLAT course is geared to enhance your understanding and capabilities, aligning you with best practices and regulatory compliance.

Target Audience

The OLAT course is specifically tailored for:


Overseeing a company’s broader strategy often requires a nuanced understanding of all aspects, including transport and logistics.


Whether you manage a specific department or oversee a larger team, awareness of operator licensing can aid in informed decision-making and strategy planning.


Individuals responsible for scheduling, logistics, and operational planning will find this course particularly useful.

Health & Safety Managers

Understanding the operator licence requirements is critical for implementing safe and compliant practices across the organisation.

HR Managers

Knowing the regulatory landscape can assist HR professionals in talent acquisition, training, and ensuring staff compliance with the law.

Workshop Technicians

This course provides an in-depth understanding of operator licensing requirements, essential for maintaining a compliant and efficient operation.

Course Objectives

The Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course aims to provide a comprehensive yet focused educational experience. Its carefully structured curriculum is designed to offer real-world, applicable knowledge that aligns with Flagship’s foundational philosophy of proactive problem-solving. Here are the key objectives that participants can expect to achieve by the end of the course:

Understanding Operator Licence Requirements & Regulations

Gain an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in operator licensing, including the legal requirements and obligations that come with it.

Awareness of Legal Obligations in the Transport Sector

Build awareness of the legislative framework surrounding transport operations, thereby equipping you with the information needed to maintain compliance.

Skill Development for Proactive Compliance

Acquire the skills to identify potential compliance issues before they become significant problems, reinforcing Flagship’s ethos of being proactive rather than reactive.

Enhancing Decision-Making and Planning Capabilities

Learn how to incorporate the principles of operator licensing into your decision-making processes, thus improving planning and operational efficiency.

Risk Management

Understand the importance of risk assessments and safety plans and how these elements integrate into the broader context of operator licensing.

Effective Communication Skills

Develop the ability to communicate complex regulations and requirements to your team or across departments, ensuring company-wide compliance and understanding.

By fulfilling these objectives, attendees of the OLAT course will be better equipped to support the transport function in a larger organisation, ensuring not just compliance but also a safer and more efficient operational environment.

How OLAT Aligns with Flagship’s Approach

At the heart of Flagship’s operations is a foundational philosophy centred on proactive foresight. We believe that the best way to navigate challenges is to anticipate them well in advance, giving you the tools to intercept issues before they become substantial problems. This philosophy isn’t just a slogan; it’s deeply ingrained in every service we offer, and our Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course is no exception.

Skill Development & Foresight

The course is structured not just to impart knowledge but also to cultivate skills that are essential for effective planning and decision-making. The focus is on empowering you to identify potential compliance challenges before they escalate, mirroring Flagship’s proactive approach to problem-solving.

Creating a Culture of Preparedness

We aim to instil a culture of preparedness and forward-thinking in every organisation we work with. The OLAT course is designed to perpetuate this culture, ensuring that your team is not only aware of the present requirements but is also equipped to adapt to future regulatory changes.

Proactive Education for Long-Term Benefits

The OLAT course is a manifestation of our commitment to proactive education. By equipping attendees with a thorough understanding of operator licence requirements and regulations, we’re actively helping to prevent future compliance issues. This preemptive educational strategy minimises the risks associated with falling foul of legal obligations, thereby aligning with our ethos of foresight and proactive action.

Holistic Understanding for Comprehensive Compliance

Flagship’s philosophy emphasises the importance of a holistic understanding of any given challenge. By extending the scope of operator licensing awareness beyond transport managers to include directors, managers, planners, and other key personnel, we’re ensuring a multi-faceted approach to compliance. This broader educational focus helps safeguard an organisation’s operational future, which is perfectly in line with our core philosophy.

In summary, the OLAT course is more than just a training programme; it’s a direct expression of Flagship’s commitment to proactive problem-solving, foresight, and the safeguarding of your operational future.

It’s time to take proactive control of your future by investing in an education that enables you to anticipate, adapt, and excel. Join the OLAT course today and set the course for a more secure and efficient operation tomorrow.

Act now—your future self will thank you.

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