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Flagship’s Driver CPC Consortium represents an innovative solution tailored to those seeking to deliver Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) training with ease and efficiency.

Understanding the pivotal role that professional drivers play in the logistics and transport sectors, we have established a DVSA-approved consortium that simplifies the process of becoming a certified training provider.

Whether you are a Transport Manager aiming to train your drivers in-house, a driving instructor seeking new revenue streams, or perhaps considering a career shift into driver training, Flagship’s consortium is tailored to support your aspirations.


The Concept of a Driver CPC Consortium

By joining Flagship’s consortium, members gain access to a wealth of resources and support, allowing them to offer both in-person and remote Periodic Driver CPC training under the umbrella of a fully registered and recognised training centre. This affiliation not only elevates the quality of training provided but also significantly reduces the administrative burden and overheads traditionally associated with such endeavours.

Becoming a part of our consortium means joining a network of like-minded individuals and organisations dedicated to elevating the standards of professional driving. Flagship Partners is committed to assisting each consortium member in running their own Periodic Driver CPC Training Centre, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. From the initial setup to the delivery of high-quality training sessions, our team ensures that you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Who Can Benefit from Flagship’s Driver CPC Consortium?

Our Driver CPC Consortium is designed to cater to a diverse group of individuals and organisations within the transport and logistics sector. By joining our consortium, members unlock the opportunity to deliver Driver CPC training efficiently and cost-effectively.

Existing Training Providers

Growth and development

Training providers already operating in the sector can join the consortium to expand their offerings and streamline their operations. Being part of a larger, DVSA-approved organisation provides added credibility and access to a broader range of resources and support systems.

Professional Drivers

Career advancement

Professional drivers considering a shift towards training roles can leverage the consortium as a stepping stone into a new career path. It offers a structured pathway to share their expertise and experience with the next generation of drivers, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and safety on the roads.

Transport Managers

For those managing fleets

Transport Managers seeking to enhance the skills of their drivers without the logistical challenge of setting up an independent training facility can greatly benefit. Our consortium allows them to provide in-house training tailored to their specific operational needs and schedules, ensuring their drivers maintain high standards of professionalism and safety.

Driving Instructors

Expanding opportunities

Driving instructors can find new revenue streams and professional development opportunities within our consortium. By offering Driver CPC training, they can diversify their services, reaching a wider clientele while contributing to the improvement of industry standards.

New Entrepreneurs

Start-up ease

Individuals or groups looking to start their own training business in the transport sector will find the consortium an ideal platform. It reduces the initial setup challenges and costs, providing a supportive environment in which to grow their business under the guidance and reputation of Flagship.

Organisations with Large Fleets

Compliance and efficiency

Companies with substantial driver fleets that aim to ensure compliance with Driver CPC regulations and improve operational efficiency will find significant value in joining. It offers a streamlined approach to managing and delivering consistent, high-quality training across the board.

Take the Wheel: Navigate your Future

Fundamentally, our Driver CPC Consortium is more than just a service; it’s a partnership designed to foster excellence in driver training across the UK. We invite you to explore the myriad benefits of joining our consortium and how it can help you achieve your training goals, all while upholding the highest standards of road safety and professional competence.

Contact Flagship now to learn more about joining our Driver CPC Consortium and take the first step towards a brighter, more secure future in the transport and logistics sector.

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