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Flagship support CLIC Sargent; with donations from Online Courses

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Flagship support CLIC Sargent; with donations from Online Courses

By 27 March 2020No Comments

To support use CLICS10 on checkout on our online courses!

Flagship are delighted to have teamed up with wonderful charity CLIC Sargent.   We are supporting this very worthy cause by donating £10 from each of our online course sales that use the code CLICS10 at checkout.

In East Anglia, CLIC Sargent operate out of Addenbrookes Hospital.  From the moment a young person finds out they have cancer CLIC Sargent social workers are on hand to support them and their families in their very difficult time.

How CLIC Sargent support children with cancer and their families;

CLIC Sargent support families and children with cancer in many ways.  Through their social and play workers. Financially, on average cancer costs a family £600 per month,   CLIC Sargent can ease the burden and made available 211 grants totalling £44,360 last year.

They can also provide ‘Home from Homes’ for families within close proximity to the hospital where treatment is being received.

Last year CLIC Sargent supported 752 families in East Anglia and registered 116 new cases.

By supporting them in this way, £37 or 4 of our courses can help provide a family a night in a Home from Home facility.

How can you help CLIC Sargent?

Flagship offer a range of quality and engaging online training courses.  All you need to do is use CLICS10 at the checkout as a discount code.  Flagship take care of the rest and will transfer £10 for every course sale to the awesome charity to help them support more charities.

What courses can I complete?

There is a huge range of nearly 100 courses you can use to help develop your skills.  All our courses are fully approved and CPD accredited and you will receive a certificate on completion too.  If you are an employer or would like multiple courses get in touch and we will be happy to support you with a bundle price AND ensure CLIC Sargent still receive their £10 per course too.

Our Business Skills Online courses will help you with new personal development opportunities.  Your could try, Sales Skills, Presentation Skills or even Leadership Skills amongst many others to brush up those areas for your next promotion.

Our Health and Safety Online Courses are fully approved and great way to complete your mandatory training.  There’s loads of options including Manual Handling, Working at Height as well as Fire Safety too.

Our Health and Social Care Online courses are also fully approved and certificated, so if you would like to learn more about Child or Adult Safeguarding, Autism or Diabetes Awareness.  You can find a host of related courses here;

At this current time more than ever with Covid-19 we need to support charities like CLIC Sargent to ensure young people and their families get the amazing support they need.

So why not get involved today?  Get in touch with us on 01733 396169 or