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Will Drivers CPC continue after Brexit?

How will Brexit impact drivers?

Are you wondering what will happen to Driver CPC after Brexit? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Will Driver CPC continue after Brexit?

In short, YES! Driver CPC is an EU directive which will continue following Brexit. Driver CPC is renewable for over 5 years and requires vocational drivers to complete over 5 x 7-hour, day-long training sessions. Drivers should aim to complete a course each year and ensure they are covering a different subject matter each year to ensure they are using the Driver CPC to keep a well-rounded knowledge base of their profession. There has been some scepticism over CPC being scrapped after Brexit, however, it has been confirmed that we will incorporate it into UK law. Driver CPC whilst commonly deemed ‘a pain in the arse’ or ‘a tick box exercise.’ May be so when not planned, however Flagship Partners aim to work together with you. Enabling you to maximise the return on investment from your training, by offering a broad range of top-quality Driver CPC solutions.

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Can you do Driver CPC online?

Driver CPC previously was only held in the classroom however the DVSA has increased the flexibility in the way CPC is delivered. Flagship Partners are pleased to confirm we are approved for remote delivery meaning you can take your driver CPC with Flagship from the comfort of your own home, your office or anywhere else which is free from distractions. Flagship Partners are able to offer all of our courses via Zoom with the exception of First Aid, due to the practical nature of this course. 

Can you be a transport manager without CPC?

 A Transport Manager must hold a qualification called the Operator CPC. An Operator CPC can be gained in either Goods Vehicle or Passenger Vehicle. The qualification is slightly different depending on the discipline. Therefore, a Goods Vehicle Operator CPC holder is unable to be a PSV Transport Manager and vice versa. Although a Transport Manager could hold both qualifications. The qualification isn’t transferable.

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