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Why is a Professional Driver Induction so important?

Why is a Professional Driver Induction so important?

It is so common to hear of transport companies going to a driver on their first day, ‘ok here are the keys, crack on!’

It is really quite common, and surprisingly often this type of induction for a driver doesn’t go well for either the business or the new team member,

The power of a great induction is so important to your business and the newly formed relationship with your shiny new team member too.  It is proven a thorough induction that covers Health and Safety, roles and responsibilities as well as company procedures, will help engage a new team member.  It will make them feel more valued and it will reduce the risk of accident too.

Other benefits include; increasing understanding of business vision, increased employee retention, increased employee engagement, increased employee wellbeing, improved team relationships, improved performance, improved understanding of expectations……in fact the list is endless.

As you can see we are huge advocates for a quality induction process.

What should a great induction include?

The official documents; a contract, terms and conditions, company policies and procedures and a driver handbook.

A meeting; meeting with direct line manager to outline contact methods and complete orientation.

Assignment of a mentor; mentors are very important and give a new team member access to an experienced team member for understanding.

Health and Safety; ensuring full site induction and process of various tasks.

Vehicle familiarisation; making sure the driver knows the equipment they will use and how to use it properly!  After all, a lot of the HGV’s are very different.

Finally; online training is a great solution too and can ensure a thorough Learning and Development pathway is undertaken.  Below we outline a fantastic Driver Induction Solution that we have created for a couple of our clients.

Learn more here about our online training and why 10 reasons Training is a great investment for your business and How to increase your training ROI in  5 steps.

Sector:               Transport and haulage

Job role:            Individuals who work as professional drivers

Purpose:           To provide all the basic health & safety information you need to operate effectively, safely and within the regulations.

Online Training Options

Behavioural Safety

Defines behavioural safety and explains the origins of the concept. Covering how it can be implemented in the workplace and potential benefits. Examples are used for ‘at-risk behaviours’ and how well your organisation is performing on safety. The laws for health & safety in the workplace are outlined and how to create positive workforce attitudes.

Course approved by IIRSM

Duration: 45 minutes

Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers

This course applies to those who work alone within business premises, mobile workers and homeworkers. It covers the legal responsibilities of employers and employees. You will learn about implementing common security precautions, how they contribute to lone worker safety and practical steps to avoid conflict in lone worker situations.

Course approved by IIRSM

Duration: 45 minutes

Manual Handling

Outlining exactly what constitutes manual handling, covering the regulations and legislation that apply to manual handling tasks. You will learn about safe handling techniques and how to develop good habits in this area. introducing practical solutions and the use of mechanical aids.

Course approved by IIRSM and CPD

Duration: 75 minutes

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Demonstrating how wearing PPE is crucial in preventing or reducing fatalities, injuries and disease at work. It covers the wide range of PPE options, examines the regulations, and how risk assessment works in the selection of PPE. Advice is given on how to use, fit and wear PPE as well as the physical and theoretical limitations.

Course approved by CPD

Duration: 60 minutes

Working at height

Covering what constitutes working at height, the safety issues, how to assess and reduce some of the risks. NB: This course only covers awareness. If you work at height you will need further practical training which we can also arrange for you.

Course approved by RoSPA

Duration: 105 minutes

All these courses are available to you for a bundle price of £150, which gives you a £25 saving. If you would prefer to buy individual courses, these start from £25 each. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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