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Flagship embrace Online Driver CPC Training​

Flagship embrace Online Driver CPC Training

Flagship Partners are delighted to announce our recent approval for Online Driver CPC Training.   

We will be running our award-winning Driver CPC Training every Friday and Saturday through July and August.  Meaning that Drivers and Transport Companies can benefit from our #nosnoreguarantee quality Driver CPC Training from the comfort of their own homes.

You can rest assured that our Online Driver CPC Training will continue to deliver excellent results, by ensuring we use the best course material delivered by qualified and engaging trainers.

Online Driver CPC Courses include our Driver Hours and Tachograph Course.  As well as our Interpersonal Skills for Professional Drivers.  Flagship also recently had additional Modular Driver CPC courses approved for delivery too.

Our Flagship Driver Modular series of courses are 3.5 hours each and we mix and match two of the half day courses to deliver the Jaupt required 7 hour course.  We have recently added new modules to this including Operator License Awareness Training.   Which is a fanastic course for all drivers to make them aware of the requirements on Operators to remain compliant.  The course also has Driver Walkaround Checks which is a huge part of the role of a driver.

Drivers are also able to learn more about Mental Health in our half day modular course too.  

So if you require Driver CPC Training, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.  Flagship’s Online Driver CPC Training solution may not be available forever if JAUPT and the DVSA request us to return to the classroom.

In the meantime, do get in touch to take advantage of the opportunity to complete your Driver CPC online from the comfort of…….well wherever your comfortable. So long as you are half decent on the video camera!

Call 03300 553643 or email to book in today.