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Meeting & Training Room Hire Services

Flagship offers versatile meeting and training rooms for hire, tailored to facilitate successful corporate events, training sessions, and client meetings.

Our purpose-built Harry and Lloyd rooms are available daily and adaptable for any setup, such as a boardroom, classroom, or U-shaped configuration. Situated in central Peterborough, within the Fengate industrial area, our location combines convenience with accessibility, ensuring ease of access for all attendees.

Features and Benefits
of Room Hire

Central Location

Our rooms are strategically located in Peterborough’s Fengate industrial area, ensuring easy access for all attendees. This central positioning is ideal for businesses seeking a convenient meeting point.

Onsite Catering

Enjoy high-quality, cost-effective catering options from Rosey Lee Café. We offer a variety of menus to suit your event, from tea, coffee, and biscuits to full buffet and bespoke options, ensuring your guests are well-fed and satisfied.

Modern Amenities

Each room is equipped with air conditioning, making the environment comfortable regardless of the weather. We also provide free, fast Wi-Fi and ample power sockets, ensuring connectivity and power for all devices.

Advanced Presentation Technology

Our rooms feature 65-inch TVs with touch screens and interactive whiteboards, which enhance the delivery of your presentations and engage your audience more effectively.

Flexible Room Configurations

We offer fully configurable room layouts to meet the specific needs of your event. Whether you require a boardroom style for executive meetings, a classroom setup for training sessions, or a U-shaped arrangement for workshops, we can accommodate your needs.

Personalised Branding Opportunity

With unbranded walls, you have the freedom to brand the space in alignment with your company’s identity or event theme, making it truly your own.


Our facilities are designed with inclusivity in mind, offering easy wheelchair access. Ample parking, including accessible parking, ensures convenience for all attendees.

Purpose-Built Spaces

The Harry and Lloyd rooms were newly built with businesses’ specific needs in mind. Bright, airy, and with plenty of natural light, they offer an ideal setting for productive meetings and training sessions.

Harry Room


Up to 20 people


Spacious and versatile, the Harry Room is ideal for larger meetings, workshops, or training sessions. Equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and advanced presentation technology, including a 65-inch interactive TV, it ensures a comfortable and productive environment.

Pricing: £175+VAT per day

Lloyd Room


Up to 12 people


Perfect for smaller, more intimate gatherings, the Lloyd Room offers a cosy yet professional setting. Like the Harry Room, it comes with complete air conditioning, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a 65-inch TV for presentations, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Pricing: £125+VAT per day

Combined Room Hire

For events requiring more space or separate areas for different activities, hiring both the Harry and Lloyd rooms provides the ideal solution.

Pricing: £250+VAT per day

Catering Options

Both rooms offer a variety of catering options from the Rosey Lee Café onsite. From simple tea, coffee, and biscuits to more elaborate buffets and bespoke menus, we cater to your specific dietary and event needs.

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