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Happy 4th Birthday to our charitable partner – Gemma’s Hearts

Flagship Training’s Charity Partner Turns 4

Happy 4 Birthday Gemma’s Hearts

In December 2015 Gemma began her fundraising journey. Her six-year-old son had collapsed and doctors believed that his heart had stopped and restarted. She too suffers from a life-threatening heart condition called Long QT Syndrome, which may be inherited by my youngest son Bradley.

Gemma decided that she needed to do something to keep her son safe and very quickly helped raise enough money to provide his Farcet school with a defibrillator.  From that day she decided to carry on and establish a non-profit charitable based organisation called Gemma’s Hearts. The aim was to provide 24hr public defibrillator stations in North West Cambridgeshire so there will always be a defibrillator nearby in the event of a cardiac arrest.

We also aim to help our local schools become heart safe schools by assisting them with fundraising for a defibrillator for their own building.

Flagship are very proud to support Gemma and her wonderful cause.  In the last 12 months we have supported her hard work as much as we posssibly can as a new business.  Our values closely align with Gemma’s so it is our pleasure to support her.

When Gemma’s Hearts has fund raised for a defibrillator in the community.  Flagship Training provide free access to Basic First Aid Training sessions for the members of the community locally to where the Defibrillator has been installed.  The training session includes, performing CPR, using an AED (defib), choking as well as a Question and Answer session.  The purpose of the sessions are to build confidence and knowledge that in an emergency people know what to do.

2019 has seen some fantastic joint activities for Gemma’s Hearts and Flagship Training, including the inaugral ‘Peterborough Beats Together’ event at Ferry Meadows.  Learn more about our activity here; article

2020 sees an exciting year developing for Gemma.  Gemma’s Hearts will soon be an officially registered charity.  Her services are also expanding to add Physical and Mental wellbeing in the community to her defibrillator portfolio.  We are very excited to see how these services develop in 2020 and will be supporting Gemma’s Hearts all the way as the synergy grows.  Enabling us to support her with not only Defibrillators and First Aid Training, but also Mental Health training support in the community too.

Supporting Gemma’s Hearts is an important part of the contribution that Flagship want to provide in our local community.

We are proud to also advocate for the Social Echo which is a growing movement for local businesses in Peterborough, supporting their community through social trading.  Learn more here.

Have you got a community based organisation that you support?  Why not help support Gemma’s Hearts in 2020?   By choosing Flagship for your training you are helping us support our Gemma’s Hearts and our Peterborough community too.

Interested in learning more about social trading and how you can support the community where your business operates? Get in touch today.