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Flagship support inaugral #HospitalityMEET Event

Flagship support the inaugral #HospitalityMEET Event

Monday 20th January, Guy Porteous from Sterling Stock Auditors hosted the first #HospitalityMEET networking event.

The concept was simple.  There is no networking event encouraging Hospitality and Catering professionals and business owners to get together to meet, share best practise and network.

Guy chose the amazing Chequered Skipper in Ashton to host the event.  The Chequered Skipper is a wonderful pub and restaurant.  Paul the landlord was extremely hospitable for all guests.  The networking was held in the function room, which was spacious and characterful.  The Chequered Skipper provided dinner too, a choice of Chili for carnivores and vegetarians too.

Our own Peter Rushmer was the first guest speaker.  Providing an interactive and thought provoking talk on Understanding Mental Health in your Workplace.  In less than 30 minutes Pete had an interactive session with the guests, with 3 Learning Outcomes achieved.

1) The real cost of Mental Health in your Business and the Economy.

2) Understanding how common Mental Ill Health is.

3) How awareness training and reducing Stigma can improve your business performance.

Following the tasty Chili dinner, Tristan Griffiths of Nomad9 did an awesome presentation on Customer Experience outside your 4 walls.  Outlining the importance of engaging with your hospitality customers, digitally and personally in numerous ways.  The benefits and skills needed to keep your customers returning and bringing people with them!

Following Tristan’s talk there was an opportunity for open networking amongst all the visitors too.

For Flagship supporting Guy and Sterling Stock Auditors was fantastic.  We are committed to providing quality training solutions to our hospitality and catering clients through both our classroom and online training.

We recently launched our latest Personal Alcohol License Holder online course, meaning we can now complete our Catering and Hospitality Online Course Bundles.

See below; for more information on any of our courses, do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information on #HospitalityMEET and to get a ticket for the next event, be sure to get in touch with Guy Porteous,