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Are you looking to retain your professional driving license with the upcoming September 2024 deadline? Complete your next block of periodic CPC training with Flagship. 

FAs a professional driver, staying up to date with your training and maintaining your Driver CPC certification is a legal requirement. But it’s about much more than just ticking a box – regular training keeps your knowledge fresh, improves safety skills, and reduces driver stress.

Flagship offers an excellent range of Driver CPC courses that are specifically designed to provide professional drivers with practical, relevant and interactive training. Their experienced trainers genuinely understand the world of drivers and use a variety of teaching methods to share essential knowledge and insights.


Upcoming Driver’s CPC Course Dates

Next Upcoming Course Date

Wednesday, 5th June 2024

Additional Course Dates
Saturday, 6th July 2024
Wednesday, 7th August 2024
Saturday, 7th September 2024
Wednesday, 11th September 2024
Wednesday, 2nd October 2024
Saturday, 2nd November 2024

Flagship’s Driver CPC Training Options

At Flagship, we offer an excellent range of Driver CPC courses designed to make your training experience engaging, convenient, and comprehensive.

Full Day Course

Our full-day courses allow you to immerse yourself in topics like O-Licence compliance, first aid skills, and the latest regulations on driver hours and tachographs. The 7 hours of focused learning give you an in-depth understanding of each subject.

For full-day courses, we offer:
  • O-Licence Awareness Training: Covers operator licence requirements and compliance.
  • Emergency First Aid at Work: Provides certification in first aid skills tailored for drivers.
  • Driver’s Hours and Tachographs: Reviews latest regulations and digital tachograph use.

Module Learning

Alternatively, our modular 3.5-hour courses allow you to mix and match from 12 options to create a tailored training program that suits your schedule. Learn about dangerous goods transport, health and safety, mental health management, and more – in bite-sized sessions.

Since our modules are approx. 3.5 hours to utilise a full day of learning, two modules will need to be chosen, or two employees will take one 3.5-hour module for a full 7-hour day of learning.

For bite-sized courses, we offer:
  • ADR Dangerous Goods Awareness – Covers transport of hazardous materials
  • Avoiding Bridge Strikes – Promotes planning routes to avoid bridge collisions
  • Walk Around Checks – Proper procedures for daily vehicle checks
  • Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) – Safe driving around pedestrians, cyclists, etc.
  • Safe and Defensive Driving – Hazard perception and accident procedures
  • Safe Loading – Avoiding overloading and proper load securing
  • Protecting the Operator License – Compliance to retain operator license
  • Driver Mental Health – Managing stress, fatigue, addiction risks
  • Health and Safety – Vehicle safety checks, manual handling, safe working
  • Happy Customer, Happy Driver – Conflict resolution and customer service
  • Emergency! What To Do Next – Breakdown and Accident Response
  • Driver’s Hours Refresher – Rules and regulations on driver hours

We utilise modern training methods like videos, quizzes, case studies, demonstrations and group discussions to liven up the course material and help you learn through interaction. Our extensive variety of course topics means you can personalise your training. We take training beyond just ticking a box.

Staying up-to-date with your Driver CPC training is critical for all professional drivers. At Flagship, we make the training experience worthwhile – equipping you with in-demand skills and knowledge that will serve you throughout your career.

Get Valuable Training with Flagship

As a driver, your licence, livelihood and safety depend on ongoing learning. Trust Flagship to provide training that goes beyond just box-ticking – we care about your development.

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