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Are you considering FORS approval for your Transport business?

FORS Operator

Increased demand for FORS;

Recently on the 1st March 2021, Transport for London legislated the HGV Safety Permit for vehicles over 12T entering Greater London as part of the Direct Vision Standard.  Since the introduction, Vehicle Operators have needed to invest in the additional safety fitments.  Cameras and audible warnings have now been invested at some expense, to the Vehicle Operator.  Flagship Partners have seen a rise in enquiries for support with new FORS applications.

FORS may have previously been regarded as prohibitive with the need for investment in the additional vehicle fitments.  However, with Direct Vision Standard now in force, it makes good sense for operators to consider the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

The benefits of FORS are;

-approval for additional business, through work provided by companies who require specific FORS Standards for their suppliers.

-improved fleet safety; reduced accidents and incidents, saving money.

-improved fuel efficiency due to the need for measuring and reporting as part of the FORS standard.

-reduction in fines and vehicle-related charges.

-improved driver training, improving performance, engagement and safety.

How you become approved for FORS;

To achieve accreditation, you need to demonstrate that you meet the FORS Standard, which includes demonstrating a range of fleet operational best practise.  There are a range of policies, procedures, risk assessments and training that you will need to adopt, demonstrate and evidence within your business.  Whilst you may be a compliant operator under your operator license undertakings.  The FORS Standard includes specific requirements which will defer slightly from the requirement from your promises as a compliant vehicle operator to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

The FORS framework is split into 3 categories; Bronze, Silver and Gold.  You will need to demonstrate you meet the standards at audit for each level of the accreditation.  Usually, operators will go for Bronze approval, then subsequently go for approval for Silver, and then Gold if it is part of your business plan and strategy.

Take the stress of FORS Approval away with Flagship support;

If you are considering the FORS Standard for your business, Flagship Partners are here to support you on each step of your process.  The FORS Standard is a large document and like any approval process, similar to ISO Standards it can be very daunting.  The requirements are specific and you can lose your valuable time in preparing the documents yourself and getting it wrong.

Flagship Partners can partner with you on your journey and provide;

  • all the policies and procedures you need to meet the standard.
  • all the guidance you need to create the required evidence.
  • all the required Risk Assessments, checklists, training, matrixes and tool-box talks.

If you want to take the hassle out of your FORS approval we can help you every step of the way.

Are you an Existing FORS Operator with an existing approval?

If you are an existing FORS Operator and would like to take the hassle out of your FORS Approval process Flagship can help support you too.  Do you have an audit coming up or need your documents reviewing or updating?  Flagship can help ensure you focus on the important areas of your business, like managing your team, fleet and your own customers.  Let us take that pain of your FORS renewal off your mind, rest assured you are in safe hands and we are here to help you every step of the way.