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3 Key Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

With more and more people being open about their issues with mental illness, it has become more apparent that there needs to be an increased awareness of ways to improve mental health. There are so many ways in which you can go about improving your mental health, and a large number of them are surprisingly simple and inexpensive to take part in.

It is incredibly important to take the time to prioritise your mental health, as taking steps to do this can not only improve your happiness and general outlook on life but can also have a dramatic effect on your physical wellbeing as well. If you would like a more comprehensive look at how your physical health can be affected by your mental health, you can head over to our blog on this topic over on our latest news page.

So, without further adieu, let’s begin with our first way to help improve your mental wellbeing. 

1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Speech bubble

One of the simplest ways in which you can make improvements to your mental health is simply to talk about it to someone. On paper, this may seem like one of the easiest methods but in actual fact, finding the courage to take the first steps in admitting that you need help can be very difficult and should not be underestimated. Whether it be talking to friends, family or a medical professional, sharing your thoughts and seeking advice can be a huge step in bettering your mental health.

It may seem easier to discuss your issues over text or even email, but it can actually be far more useful and effective to speak in person or over a phone call. Hearing a voice can be more useful for both the person seeking help and the listener. At first, it may seem awkward or even scary to open up and be vulnerable to someone else, but the results can be extremely beneficial and well worth it. Even if you are not necessarily talking explicitly about your mental health problems, sharing a conversation with someone can be helpful to take your mind off of your issues and provide a healthy distraction.

2 – Enjoy the Outdoors and Exercise

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Committing yourself to completing regular exercise can be one of the best ways to improve and maintain your mental health. Simply going for a run will release chemicals inside your brain called endorphins. These endorphins produce a positive feeling within your body and this is commonly known as ‘runner’s high’, however, this can be attributed to all kinds of exercise, not exclusively for running. Keeping in good physical shape can make you feel better about yourself and increase your self-esteem.

You should not worry about having to spend money on paying for lots of equipment or memberships, as there are plenty of ways of exercising for free. Joining a club or team can not only improve your physical health and provide some of those valuable endorphins, but the social side of exercising with other people can also be a valuable asset in improving your mental wellbeing. If you are worried that your fitness levels will not allow you to take part in strenuous exercise, do not worry. Just taking the time to step outside and experience the outdoors can go a long way in improving your mental wellbeing.

3 – Keep A Healthy Diet

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It is well documented that there is a strong link between what you eat and how you feel. Just how exercise improves how your mind and body feels, your diet can accomplish the same thing. It is well known that a healthy diet can have a great effect on your physical health, but your brain also benefits massively from the nutrients, allowing it to function better. For an improved mental state, It is important to try your best to maintain a balanced diet, including fruit, vegetables, wholegrain bread and cereal, oily fish, and plenty of water.

An improved diet can fix possible iron and vitamin deficiencies you may have that can be causing your mood to lower. If you are able to keep a balanced diet and eat three solid meals a day, your mental health will improve as a result. It is also worth noting that cutting out or decreasing sugar, caffeine and alcohol can dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety levels. There are also psychological, social and biological benefits to eating with other people, so setting aside some time to organise meals with friends and family every week can help put you in a better frame of mind.

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