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Transport Manager CPC Course with Flagship

With an eye on the future, our Transport Manager CPC qualification serves as both a shield and a compass, empowering you to safeguard against pitfalls while steering your career towards long-term success.


You shouldn’t have to pay more for industry-leading training.

Flagship offers significant savings compared to large trade bodies like RHA.

Flagship provides:

• Experienced JAUPT-certified trainers

• Modern training facilities

• Catered lunch and refreshments

• Small class sizes for individual attention

• Convenient Peterborough location

Save money on overpriced courses – get qualified with Flagship!

Course Breakdown

Eight days of training, two days of revision, and one day for exams.

8-Day Training Breakdown

The core of our course consists of 8 intensive training days, each aimed at covering various aspects crucial for your role in road haulage. The modules are delivered in an interactive setting, ensuring that you don’t just absorb information but engage with it, question it, and apply it.

Day 1: Introduction to Road Haulage Management

Understanding the sector’s key challenges and opportunities

Day 2: Vehicle Maintenance and Safety

Ensuring compliance and best practices

Day 3: Staff Management & Training

Skills for effective leadership and staff development

Day 4: Operational Efficiency

Managing resources and optimising operations

Day 5: Regulatory Compliance

Navigating laws and regulations affecting the sector

Day 6: Financial Management

Budgeting, cost analysis, and financial planning

Day 7: Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks in operations

Day 8: Sustainability and Future Trends

Emphasising eco-friendly practices and preparing for future challenges

2-Day Revision Overview

After you’ve absorbed the wealth of knowledge from the eight training days, we offer an additional two days specifically focused on revision and exam preparation.

Revision Day 1: Recap & Review

A broad recap of key themes and areas likely to appear in the exam.

Day 2: Vehicle Maintenance and Safety

A day dedicated to taking mock exams, followed by personalised feedback to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Exam Day

The culmination of your training and revision days is the exam, administered on the 3rd day after your revision. The exam itself is divided into two parts: multiple choice and a case study, each designed to test your applied knowledge and understanding of road haulage management.

At Flagship, we don’t just aim to get you through the exam; we strive to instil in you the confidence and competence that will set you apart in your career. Trust in our structured approach to guide you through each step of this transformative journey.

Structure of the Exam

The examination is divided into two distinct parts to provide a well-rounded evaluation of your abilities:

1. Multiple-Choice Section

This portion aims to assess your understanding of the critical theories, terms, and concepts that underpin the road haulage sector. Questions will span the range of modules covered during the 8-day training.

2. Case Study

The case study section requires a more in-depth application of your knowledge. You’ll be presented with a real-world scenario pertinent to the road haulage industry, asking you to make managerial decisions based on the information provided.

Over Industry Standards

While the industry average pass rate is around 50%, at Flagship, we pride ourselves on our much higher success rate of 75-80%. Our high success rate is a testament to our comprehensive training and commitment to your success.

Get Qualified with Flagship

You’re ready to take the next step in your road haulage career. Gain the skills, knowledge and legal qualifications you need to succeed as a transport manager.

Don’t just keep up – get ahead.

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